Faq’s that will help you decide:

  • Q. WHY ADULT & SENIOR CARE INC: Why should we highly consider Adult & Senior Home Care over other agencies?
  • Q. INVESTMENT: How much does the service cost?
  • Q. INVESTMENT: How does in-home care costs compare to assisted-living or nursing homes?
  • Q. HOME CARE: Why Home Care over family care or facility care?
  • Q. SERVICE AREA: What areas do you Service?
  • Q. PLACES: What places do you service?
  • Q. CONTACT: When & How can we reach you? Do you accept calls 24 hours a day?
  • Q. STARTING: How do we get started?
  • Q. STARTING: How quickly can services be started?
  • Q. SERVICES: What services does Adult & Senior Home Care provide?
  • Q. What care does my loved one need or want?
  • Q. Who needs in-home care?
  • Q. Is home care an alternative to hospitals or nursing homes?
  • Q. HOSPICE: Where do you perform hospice care?
  • Q. PREPARATION: What things should we prepare for?
  • Q. CAREGIVERS – FAMILY: Should I care for my parents, or should I hire an agency?

A. There are many reasons why choosing Adult & Senior Home Care is your most beneficial choice.  We are dedicated 24 hours a day on providing many more services and information that can help you on top of being available for you when you need us, even after hours & on holidays. We also are very affordable: $20.00*/Hr VS. $23-$36/Hr. The difference in cost adds up quickly for the same service.

We are an agency that understands the hardships & struggles that you and your family go through - day in and day out, and are dedicated to assisting you any way that is possible, and in many cases we can have a caregiver to your home within 1 ½ - 2 hours of your initial call, if needed, or wanted.

Adult & Senior Home Care caregivers are reference checked, background checked, interviewed, professional, well trained, bonded & insured.  Which means they have been carefully screened for your safety & piece of mind.

We have a continuous supply of excellent skilled backup caregivers - If the caregiver is sick, has an emergency, wants to go on vacation, etc.. we have one or more professional caregivers ready to step in their place when needed, – so again you’ll have peace of mind.  

We have highly trained professionals on our staff.  Besides our caregivers, we have a trained, professional in-house staff available 24 hours a day to ensure our operations run smoothly and to address any of your concerns in a timely matter, while our caregivers are caring for your loved one.

In addition, we continually monitor the relationship & services - From the first day of service to ensure we are achieving the care goals specified during the assessment interview. We follow-up with the client and caregiver on a regular basis.

A.  Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. bills on an hourly basis and the hours required to properly care for your loved one will be determined on the initial assessment interview and reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Our rates:  $20.00*/Hr VS. $23-$36/Hr with most other companies. The difference adds up very quickly. Why should anyone pay more for the same service & get less?

A. There are rather HUGE differences between care in a facility & care in the home.  Unlike in nursing homes or assisted livings where the facility is in total control of all residents or patients, you are in total control of what you want our caregivers to provide & do for you.  Also remember in facilities they are charging you rather high rates to be there while they are only providing you 5-10 minutes of actual care / assistance per 8 hours, and thats when they have a full staff, if they provide you any assistance at all.  VS with us, our caregivers are there for the duration only for your benefit.  Meaning you are getting 1 on 1 assistance, meaning your money is far better spent with us than any facility.  

With us you have the choice: How late you want to stay up, activities you want to do, etc..  Most of the time, our services at Adult & Senior Home Care will cost less & when you consider the 1 on 1 benefit far cheaper & better than those of assisted-living facilities or nursing homes. In some cases when you live in or end up in one of these facilities, they may require / demand of you, or you may want to pay extra for additional 24 hour care, so you could have to pay a lot more.

As many people have found out - there may be people screaming, moaning, walking from room to room doing whatever they want.  There may be infection smells, garbage or waste smells, etc.. that pour into the halls and even into units or bedrooms, or many other new challenges while you are there.  We have even seen people stealing food right from others plate - a form of bullying that some facilities sometimes do little to nothing about, like you are back in school again.  There is no reason you should be paying good money for this to occur.

Either way, we can assist you almost wherever you are, or end up at far better rates.

We tailor a schedule specifically to meet the needs of our clients – so you are only paying for what you need, and you are always in charge. If you want something changed you kindly write it down or inform the caregiver, and if ever is not done, please call us and we will immediately fix the challenge.

Assisted Living Costs: Just living in a retirement home with no services alone could cost $8,000+mo. For a 1 or 2 bedroom - minimal space. The average cost of just living in Assisted Living = $8,102.00.  They may or may not provide a ton for you personally that including insurance, however, each tenant still needs to provide renters insurance policies – an additional cost for your safety & theirs, they sometimes provide 1 – 3 meals every day. You must determine if they are in your benefit, and if they are we are there for you as well.

Nursing Home Costs: range between $7,000 - $8,000+- per month.  Granted, there are some instances where some people should or need to be in such a facility to keep safe & healthy, you must determine if they are in your benefit, and if they are we are there for you as well.

Home Care allows adults and seniors to remain in the comforts of their own home.  Services in the home allows you to recuperate far faster from illnesses and injuries, and allows those with chronic conditions to be far more comfortable in the home instead of a assisted living facility, hospital, or nursing home.

A. Enlisting the assistance of a caregiver instead of a family member or facility, far out weights the costs. We have found the sooner someone gets home the faster their mind & body heal.  

1) Home Care in your own home is far more comfortable than any facility. The surroundings are familiar, and clients tend to focus & remember more.  In addition, when clients get back to the comforts of their own home – their body falls right back into the normal rhythms faster and they tend to recover and heal quicker, especially when being looked after by one of our experienced caregivers. Being at home is usually best for most everyone for healing, memories, comfort, and for even comfort of the family.  Remember, facilities rarely are the cleanest places to be, even if they look it. They carry lots of sick people, people with health & or contagious conditions which both you & your family could get as well costing you even more money, challenges & discomfort. In addition, when family comes to visit they sometimes have to pay for parking, cafeteria food, and or other costs & time.

2) Home Care helps the family immeasurably: it relieves them from long hours of care and gives them back their freedom to come and go and to also come to a comfortable, or memorable environment. It also gives them peace of mind and takes the strain off you & your relationship & allows you to be family again, not just “my caretaker”. Your loved one will benefit heavily from the experience of a professional in compassion, transfers, safety, problem solving, and comfort care, personal care, among others.  Not only that, many times a caregiver can get your loved one to do what you & or their doctor couldn’t. Caregivers serve an invaluable role.

3) Home Care gives them control & freedom back. When we are no longer in control to make decisions, we tend to decline, or stop improving – we in essence in many ways give in, and, or give up. Freedom allows them in many cases to improve faster, and in many cases even better.

4) Care assistance in the home is safer and better one on one, rather than in any facility where 1 caregiver takes care of 16 – 18+ patients in an 8 hour shift.  That’s like 5-10 minutes of care per patient per 8 hour shift.  That is permitted.  It used to be 12-14 patients in an 8 hour shift - which allowed about 10 minutes per person in an 8 hour period in addition to their other duties, breaks & meals. Its someone looking after your safety, and also trying to stay out of your hair so to speak. In addition, many infections are eliminated because there are less people condensed in one area that are sick, etc.. and you have assistance when walking especially after taking medications that can make you weak, or make your body kind of freak out.  Most people forget about all the families and extra people in and out of facilities that are also spreading germs, illnesses, etc..  That’s why facilities give the illusion that they are very clean, they do their best, but its nearly impossible for them to be.

5) If you need “MEDICAL” or “OTHER” care (Doctors, RN’s, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, x-rays, etc..) , you can usually get them in your home as well, and in many cases they would be covered by your insurances.  Always discuss this with your doctor, hospital & insurance provider.  In some cases you must demand it before they approve you.  So, in many cases you could qualify insurance wise to receive an RN for an hour or two a day.  And, or, to get Physical, or Occupational Therapist to come in to accomplish 1 or more tasks. And then our services would if absolutely necessary “help” them. Bottom line: our caregivers are bonded & insured for our clients solely for non-medical purposes.  Most MEDICAL professionals are bonded & insured supposed to be able to handle 95+% of things themselves without assistance by anyone.

A. Adult & Senior Home Care is expanding safely & rapidly for your benefit: Ashland, Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Erie, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Trumbull, & more to follow etc…

A. We can send caregivers to apartments, assisted living facilities, condos, homes, hospitals, hotels, long-term rehabilitation facilities & nursing homes.

A. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Just call or text us at (440) 521-3023, (330) 274-4154, (419) 504-1552 and if we are unable to answer your call  – please leave us a message with 1 – 2 phone numbers and we will get back to you shortly – usually within 15 minutes.   And if needed we in most cases able to send out caregivers to assist you immediately within 1 – 2 hours.

A. You can call, and or text us at (440) 521-3023, (330) 274-4154, (419) 504-1552.  You can email us at info@adultandsenior.com or fill out the form in Get Started on this website.  We will get in touch with you to find out your situation & needs and schedule an In-Home Assessment, or when needed we can send out caregivers in the morning, or immediately within 1 – 2 hours of your call in many cases.  Its always best to give us as much time as possible so we can prepare and send you the best caregivers possible for your unique situation / needs.

A. Once you call us, we can schedule an In-home assessment for that day almost immediately, or the next day, or when needed we can usually send out caregivers in the morning or anytime 24 hours a day within 1 – 3 hours from the time you call us – in most cases.

A. Adult & Senior provides individualized private non-medical home care services to maximize the health, independence, comfort and dignity of clients and their families. Providing partial to total care – 80+ services of everyday life that most people take for granted, which make your lives easier & more enjoyable.

A. Some people that call us are not sure what their loved one needs.  Every situation is different, and every clients needs are different.  Often times they just need us to come out and do a FREE In home assessment wherever they’re at and proceed from there.   Since we can send our caregivers to almost wherever they need us, often times they chose to go home even if its with 24 hour care for their safety and comfort, or at least start the care in the facility they are in currently.

A. We assist adults over age 18 that may be injured, sick or handicapped, to senior citizens who are handicapped, injured, elderly, or on Hospice who want to stay in the comforts and safety of their own home rather than be institutionalized or live with relatives were others call the shots.  

In addition, it could be people whose family member/caregiver needs a long respite, or time off from their care giving responsibilities, because we understand how difficult and demanding it can be taking care of an adult loved one regardless of how close you are, or even if you are their parents.  It can be a big job and we understand that you need a break too.  Basically all the same services that you can get done in a facility can be done in the comforts of your own home at a small to large savings.

A. Home care supplements your needs and wants regardless where you are, at home, in a hospital or nursing home, or who else is involved in your care process.  Example: if you are in a nursing home – nurses aides facility workers take care of 14 – 18+ patients by law in an 8 hour shift, and that’s when everybody shows up to work.  At best you might get 10 minutes of care or assistance per 8 hour shift.

A. We provide hospice care where ever you call home (apartments, assisted living facilities, condos, homes, hospitals, nursing homes, etc..)

My aunt died years ago and my elderly uncle is no longer able to live safely by himself. My husband and I decided to have him move in with us rather than looking into assisted living facilities, or sending him to a nursing home. Since we are new to this & want things to go smoothly when he moves in. What things should we prepare for?

A. It is always roughest the first few months as you all are getting used to each others patterns, likes, dislikes, tendencies, etc...  There are always many small adjustments for all involved, so it's a great idea to plan prior to your father's arrival.

Adult & Senior Home Care is a wealth of knowledge in assisting you to determine what equipment, supplies & if needed changes should be at least considered for the home or for their safety, and for you down the road.  Call us for a FREE In-home Assessment is usually the best choice if you have the time, otherwise we can send out caregivers and assist you along the way, if time is limited.

A. That is a great question.  This is up to you, but If you care for them you are usually overstretching yourself.  Working a 40 hr job and working additional 24 - 80+ hours a week taking care of the safety & well being of your parent or parents can be very demanding & overwhelming.  

When you work too many hours things occur that you don’t want: you could get into a car accident, or get sick, which could affect your family and or your job or both.  It can become very challenging to have a job, a family and to provide care to family.  Coming in late to work, leaving early, dropping back to part-time; and passing up promotions, etc.. could cost you and your family far more.  Some people have been laid off or fired for a lot less.

In addition, by taking care of your own parents they can and usually do tend to ask more from you then from someone else.  This puts a ton of pressure on you and your relationship with them.  What happens if you injure yourself taking care of them, and or injure you both – then what – it could affect you being able to work, take care of your own children or family and take care of your parents – it could become at that very point a very costly decision.   

Most people have found that they can generally make more money than the money you are normally paying Adult & Senior Home Care.  Adult & Senior Home Care is bonded & insured with background & reference checked caregivers mostly with 5 – 15+ years of experience with backups in the event of bad weather, holidays, vacations, illnesses, etc...  In addition, for many people using our services can be written off at the end of the year.  Check with your accountant.

Years of experience prevents injuries to clients and to the caregivers and unnecessary accidents.   In addition, there are many other reasons, but for many not all it’s a deduction at the end of the year because payments are made to a corporation.  However, monies paid to a family member or individual for care & companionship is not deductible.  Consult your tax advisor.

In the event you still chose to care for your loved one we can provide you respite care – whatever you need. Just so you know, it is easier for a stranger to take care of your loved one than it is for a family member to take care of a family member – because most parents or family members don’t want to be a burden on their kids, family or friends, and regardless of what you tell them that they aren’t they still will feel that way, and also want more privacy.

Instead, it usually isn’t an issue for a stranger to come in and take care of them.  So, while it might be possible for you to take care of them, the real question should be – with all the pros & cons - should you?  In addition, when you work lots of hours you feel like a prisoner, and when you want to get a break sometimes you can’t because you’re concerned about the safety of leaving them alone.  This will never stop until you chose to delegate this out to someone like us who specializes in this care / assistance.  Not only that, an experienced caregiver knows how to keep your loved one safe in 90+% of the cases, do you?  (Example: we all if we actually had to - can repair & paint a wall, or repair a faucet or toilet, or repair a roof, but the end result might take 5-10+ times longer, cost more and still we may only have a grade “C” or “D” or at best a “B” result.  Is that a good use of our time?  Could we have worked our regular job maybe overtime for a few hours doing what we love instead and have it done professionally and took the possible write-off too?)

If you save money doing the work yourself, you could potentially lose your job or your mind, and then now your loved one can’t deduct your care / costs on their taxes.  What if you get hurt from doing too much or from assisting them?  Costs go up, and then you have to look after them in the hospital.  Many family caregivers feel that there is never enough hours in the day.

The second they get a handle on things, something new seems to crop up and they feel overwhelmed all over again.  This is where training comes into play.  It is always best to do what you understand, are good at, and or love.  Adult & Senior Home Care caregivers understand, are experienced and are good at caregiving.  Let them do their job, and let your life become far easier. Which sounds better to you?