Adult & Senior Home Care Inc.

5 Star Non-Medical Company that provides 24 Hour individualized private home care services in Parma, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Lake County, Medina, Geauga, OH

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Here is what we happily provide you:

We happily provide our clients VAST DIFFERENCES between us & most other companies. We are the only true Experts in the NON-MEDICAL field! We provide highly experienced workers, fast, easy & reliable service, with fast turn around times. We provide a manager that has 25+ yrs experience in the exact “NON-MEDICAL” field & 20+ years in management of workers. The same manager that you can actually get a hold of, and or return your call promptly to assist you with any concern you have 24/7/365.

Preparing for the unexpected can feel daunting. But it's not so difficult when you're working with a professional who takes the time to understand your unique needs. Our team specializes in identifying and preventing risk, offering the array of services listed below. But we start with listening to what's important to you.

  • 4-24 HOUR CARE
  • ON CALL 24/7/365

Our Pricing: $20*/Hr.
(Most companies charge $23-$36/ ”PER HOUR”. This is a HUGE SAVINGS OF UP TO $6.00+ PER HOUR DIFFERENCE!! This difference adds up very quickly!) They are charging high rates due to Franchise Fees, luxurious offices & tons of advertising they are forced to do, none of which benefit you in any way.

Most of our caregivers have 5-15+ yrs (STNA) State Tested Nurses Aided, (CNA's) Certified Nurses Aids, (HHA's) Home Health Aids experience and live within 5-20 minutes from you. They have the experience & passion to assist you at the highest levels. And, if needed we have caregivers that speak different languages other than English. (Most companies hire most of their workers with 0-3 years of experience, with most having little to no multi-lingual caregivers - even if needed. Most of which live farther away) Meaning the level of care can be drastically different just in safety, comfort & reliability alone, not to mention the substantial difference in price.)

We specialize in 12-24 hour live in care because we provide you with incredible rates & workers, but we also do 4+ hour visits as well (Most companies only do 4+hr visits, but hire minimally experienced workers, and charge the highest Top Dollar rates.)

We are on call for you 24/7/365. In most cases we can get a caregiver to you “if needed” “within” 1-2 hrs of your initial call / message left. (Most companies take 2-4+ Days) We accept & RETURN calls Promptly 24/7/365.

We provide 80+ “NON -MEDICAL” services of every day life, that most people take for granted (Assist out of bed, light cooking, etc..)

We provide a Home Log Book for what was done, or occurred each and every day, along with any other logs for health related items

Our manager has over 20 years of management experience & 25 years of actual “documented” total care caregiving, STNA, CNA, HHA, experience assisting 100’s of men & 50+women, along with years of deep research with practical knowledge of many ways to provide better care & save money. (Most “NON-MEDICAL” companies are run by Owners & Managers who have at most 0-3 yrs of personal documented “caregiver” STNA, CNA, HHA experience assisting clients with partial to total care.
NOTE: Owners & Managers need to have 10+ year in the exact NON -MEDICAL field, or you are paying TOP DOLLAR - The HIGHEST RATES possible for a far lesser service at best, and few if any companies besides us have this)

Specializing in 24 hr care

We provide 4-24 hour 5 star Senior care, Hospice Care & Adult Care for less!

More & more patients are choosing to rehab after accidents, injuries, surgery, or illness in their own home for both their own & their families comfort, time savings & financial savings. So very affordable pricing is vital to your survival & financial future especially since most doctors will only let patients leave hospitals that have a 24 hour agency care. This is definitely where we provide you the best 5 star caregivers, STNA's, CNA's, HHA's & service at HUGE discounted pricing & savings.

They are deciding to do this both for themselves & their families who have to often drive to these distant locations, so very affordable rates are vital to your survival & financial future especially since most doctors will only let patients leave hospitals that have a 24 hour agency providing them care. This is definitely where we provide you the best 5 star care at HUGE discounted rates & savings.

NOTE: Always check and get approval from your insurance company, as times & policy changes do occur, but last I heard no insurance company or doctor can force you stay in a hospital, or that you must go to or get care at any nursing home. You could get the same MEDICAL care by doctor prescription at home! Most of the time your MEDICARE insurance provides at-home-MEDICAL-care, but some people have found they had to demand it from their insurance providers & doctors because their being hard sold 10+ times to stay in facilities or to go to other facilities as if kickbacks or referral fees may have been forcing their hand??

So, high cost "MEDICAL CARE" that you get in hospitals & nursing homes such as: physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, x-rays, Registered Nurses, Doctors, treatments, etc… many times your insurance covers for this care to be provided to you while you are in the comforts of your own home.

With the APPROVAL from your insurance company & doctor prescription you would get the MEDICAL CARE set up that medicare provides for - and at the same time get set up with us for the NON-MEDICAL out of pocket affordable every day care that is not provided by medicare insurance.


By getting set up with Adult & Senior instead of say a nursing home that has 1 worker per 14-18+ patients we would provide you far better one on one care. In addition the patient & their family would be at home where both are usually far more comfortable, happier & saving money.

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. is Ohio’s Premier 5 Star Non-Medical Company. We provide individualized private home care services to adults, & seniors to maximize the health, independence, comfort and dignity of clients and their families. In addition, we do this at very affordable pricing in the comforts of where ever you need it, or wherever you call home. (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted living Facilities, relatives homes, even hotels when needed)

Our services are available 24 Hours a day - during the day, night, weekends, holidays, or for short or long term durations. And YES, we can even send out a caregiver to you after hours, or on weekends or holidays & most cases within 1 - 2 hours of your initial call.

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. provides 80+ Non-medical Caregiver, CNA's, STNA's, HHA's services of every day life for $20 */hr. You spend up to $6+/PER HOUR less with our company. Most NON-MEDICAL companies charge $23 - $36.00/hr for 3+ hours of non-medical Caregiver care, CNA's, STNA's, HHA's, NOTE: MEDICAL companies that provide medical & non-medial care often charge the most $23-$36/hr and non-medical home care 80+ services / assistance of everyday life is NOT covered or paid for by Medicare. We are far better than they are.

Most companies provide workers with just 0-3 years of experience, where most of our workers have 5-15+ years STNA, CNA, HHA experience.

Where most companies take 2 - 4+ days to provide you a caregiver to assist you, Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. can have a caregiver out to you within 1-2 hours of your initial call in most cases when needed.

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc provides services such as professional, discreet & compassionate Companionship Care such as socializing, playing games, safety & security, etc.. Partial Care such as assistance bathing, grooming, medication reminders, and monitoring, caregiver transportation, meal prep & cleanup, light housekeeping & 80 services of every day life quality of life services, etc... Total Care includes all the above plus equipment & total lifts. For a full list of most of our services, visit our Services page.

Whether our clients are handicapped, disabled, or experiencing the normal struggles of aging, we can help them. Whether they are coping with the sometimes crazy affects of recovery / rehab from an injury, major surgery, or recent hospital stay, nursing home stay, we can help them. Whether they are recovering from a sickness, or a cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s or dementia, or many other chronic conditions, we understand that you want to be at home: comfortable, cared for & safe, and yes we can most certainly help them. And since most clients recover far quicker, happier & more comfortable when they are at home, they need help to do this, at least until they can get back on their feet. That’s how we help you – we know how to make life easier and much more manageable.