Non Medical Home Care Caregivers

Who Refers Us

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. receives referrals from Doctors, Nurses, Churches, Attorneys & many others.

4-24 Hour

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. receives referrals because we provide non-medical home care caregivers / sitters to seniors & the elderly at extremely affordable rates of $20.00*/Hr that are background & referenced checked, screened, bonded & insured at affordable, discounted rates. We have found that more experienced caregivers provide far more safety, comfort & reliability, and are more trustworthy providers of care. We charge less, so you can get even more care. Most of our caregivers live within 5-20 minutes from you.

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. is constantly striving to hire the best, professional, compassionate & skilled non-medical (STNA) State Tested Nurses Aides, (CNA) Certified Nurses Aid, (HHA) Home Health Aide, home care caregivers / sitters possible with the appropriate experience, skill level, attitude, and personality which would be best suited for your needs, and we continually verify your appropriate match so that you have the best possible experience. We charge less & do our best to always provide far more! That’s why people like you as well as professionals in our field continually refer us many new clients.

Most of our non-medical partial to total care caregivers / sitters have 5-15+ years of experience vs 0-3 with most other companies. This provides our seniors, elderly, and, or their family peace of mind that the highest skilled & experienced, affordable, discounted caregivers / sitters will be taking care of their loved ones.

Most of our senior & elderly clients have truly enjoyed our non-medical, affordable, discounted caregivers / sitters & our 24 hour cheap care services – so much so that they send us several referrals each. Referrals are the life’s blood of any business and we depend on referrals even more than other more expensive home care companies, so we can help our existing as well as new clients save money & provide them more care for a lot longer. We do our best to always charge less for our seniors & elders while providing more.

Expensive companies have been known to charge you more so they can have luxurious office buildings, luxury cars, and a larger staff so they don’t personally have to work as much, all of which you can not personally enjoy or see & so they can buy tons of advertising for their business, just hoping that you will pay them the highest rates possible making them ever so richer. They charge seniors & elders more and often times provide you FAR less.

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. does its best to give 4-24 hour work only to those caregivers / sitters that are professional, well trained, courteous, enthusiastic, joyful, compassionate, dependable & happy to assist you.

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. continually monitors our 4-24 hour caregivers / sitters through telephone check-ins, home visits, conversations, texts, questionnaires, and or emails with our clients & their family. We always do our best so our clients continually receive the best care possible & refer us to others they care about.

Since every clients & family needs & or wants are totally different, Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. evaluates your overall situation and provides the most appropriate 4-24 hour caregivers / sitters for you. And since we understand that as time goes on your needs, your level of care will change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, our caregivers / sitters are flexible to provide as little or more care when wanted or needed.

And, from the beginning or as time goes on we are able to add or replace 4-24 hour caregivers / sitters when necessary, or wanted.