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Companionship, Partial, Total & Transportation Care

Companionship caregivers are angels that share their life & time with adults, elders or seniors.  Companionship caregivers are there for support, security, and to socialize with.  Companionship caregivers help you live well by taking a HUGE weight off your shoulders, and provide family & friends piece of mind.

Companionship caregivers can help adults, elders or seniors to family functions, doctor appointments, excursions, etc.. - caregiver transport.  Companionship Caregivers help seniors keep your mind sharp by socializing with you day in & day out, playing games with you, asking you lots of questions that gets you thinking, etc.. They are incredible for Hospice clients, because they often bring new life into the home lifting your focus from yourself and your challenges.  Remember, companion caregivers love caring for people.

Companionship caregivers help us all be better in every way shape & form.  Companionship Care helps you do things that you couldn’t or wouldn’t do without them.  From going out and getting fresh air, to going to the mall, to socializing with friends, etc…

Companionship Care helps keep seniors safe when you are out getting around, because as we all get older our mind has difficulty focusing on 3 - 5 things at one time which is badly needed when we are driving, or operating other machinery.  Heck, just walking as a senior requires balance, forward motion, thought of where you are going, and often they are thinking of other things & speaking too.  This all gets harder for us as we age.

Companionship Care can be the best thing for adults, elders or seniors weather they are disabled or not to reach farther, faster & have a more enriching life.  They help you stay young at heart.

Can you imagine the incredible affects companionship care could be to any adults, elders or seniors who has been closed up so so long?  Do you really think that anyone, anyone at all wants to be closed in, shut in a home or any other location?  The reality is 90+% of people want to be wanted, helped, socializing, getting out, etc.., and our caregivers help you or your loved ones do these things, while also being professional and respecting their privacy.

  • Partial Care
  • Total Care
  • Transportation

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. provides partial care to total care to adults and seniors for affordable, discounted 4-24 hour rates $20.00*/Hr VS. $23-$36/Hr with most other companies.  We charge less, so you can get the care you need!!  Call Now!  (440) 521-3023

Partial care means lifting up to 15-20 pounds, and 80+ services of every day life that most people take for granted, such as bathing, meal preparation, feeding & clean up, to name a few…

Partial care means that you are basically assisting a client with some guidance and some amount of lifting.  

Partial care means assisting people to walk and, or to stand up from chairs or toilets, where lifting may be involved.  

Partial care includes everything that companionship care includes plus lifting on an as needed basis, bathing, along with light cooking & light cleaning.

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. provides partial to total care to adults, seniors & hospice for extremely affordable rates.

Total care includes all of companionship care of 80+ services of every day life.  Total care includes all of partial care up to 15 - 20 lbs of lifting.  Total care includes total lifts, anything over 20 pounds or with the use of a hoyer lift or other adult crane or machinery.

Total care does not mean we do all the work or all the lifting 100%, it means we do partial to total care on an as needed basis.  

Some days our clients will be strong, other days, not so much.  We assist them only the amount that is absolutely necessary to get the task done so they stay safe and get through their day keeping their strength and well being.  

In other words if we did all the work & lifting they would get weaker and in turn diminish in every way faster & faster.  Our goal is to keep their strength & mind sharp as much as possible for as long as possible.  

Adult & Senior Home Care looks forward to assisting you with your total care needs at extremely affordable rates $20.00*/Hr VS. $23-$36/Hr that most other companies charge.

Adult & Senior Home Care Inc. provides caregiver transportation to where every you need.  Whether it is to a doctors appointment, event or family function our caregiver transportation can provide the way.  Our caregivers can use your car or theirs because they are covered either way.  

We provide for this service at extremely low rates of $20.00*/Hr if you are receiving care through us of 10-20+ hours a week. If not, and its just transportation you need, most times we can assist you for $26*/Hr. Instead of most companies charging $36-$50/hr for the same.

When you call for a taxi, or other service they charge you high rates ($50-$60+ one way) and go from curb to curb. Meaning, if you are elderly, need any help, or assistance getting into the car, getting out or getting in or out of your home in the summer or on ice in the winter, they will charge you high rates and will not give you the assistance you need – you are on your own, - its an insurance thing.

When you call us for caregiver transportation.  We will come out, knock on your door, make sure you have everything you need, assist you out if you need the help, assist you into the vehicle, drive you to your destination, assist you out & into the building if needed, park the car, and come in with you – that is if that’s what you want, and then repeat the process to leave.

Many medical transports charge between $100-$300 per way.  One of the challenges with them is they are often too medical for most people, and people always inform me that the diesel gas fumes gives them massive headaches, on top of freezing in the winter & frying in the summer.  

If you are totally bed bound, and can’t sit in a wheel chair, and or are over 200 lbs and a total lift, and or knocked out, and, or are bleeding, maybe, outside of that most people would prefer to be in a car seat.

Caregiver transportation is a very nice alternative to taxis or medical transports.  Who really wants to show up to a family function or doctors appointment, etc.. in a very expensive medical tansport van, or not get any care with a high priced taxi service?

We look forward to providing the caregiver transportation you deserve at affordable discounted rates. We charge less and provide you more.

Call (440) 521-3023 for Non Medical 24 Hours Emergency Care Services in Parma, OH

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